The Blueprint

Consumer Tech and all my other favorite things: bundled (kinda).

Yo! Welcome to The Blueprint. I’m Jay 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️ I’m an early-stage investor at Maven Ventures. I’m a Chicago kid currently living in New York City.

The last thing you or the Tech world needs is another newsletter; this is not that. I have a lot of thoughts. Many of them I find worth sharing but feel Twitter is very limiting.

So this is my blog/public journal: where I share musings and writings about the things that interest me the most: Consumer Tech & VC, Basketball, Fashion, Hip-Hop, and all things Culture. My goal here is to distill and share my thoughts with the world wide web, and hold myself accountable to writing more.

You can find some of my past pieces on my Medium but I’ll be transitioning most of my writing to Substack from here on out.

No pressure at all but subscribe below if you love me, hate me, or just want to keep up with my writing. Or just stop by and read whenever you like. Or don’t. It’s all love either way. ✌🏾


“Lost 92 bricks, had to fall back / Knocked a nigga off his feet, but I crawled back. Had A-1 credit, got more crack / From the first to the fifth, gave it all back. If I'm not a hustler, what you call that? / This is before rap, this is all fact; I never change.”

—Jay Z, “Never Change”